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Sylvia is a social worker by profession but had aspirations of leaving a legacy for her children and becoming a charity volunteer around the world. Within her first year, she completed an incredible 18 deals and created a £12,000/month income stream!

Sylvia, Southampton

Melissa, a very hardworking single mum, with her own successful hairdressing business, needed her freedom back. When her son asked why his mum worked all the time, things had to change. Melissa has gone to to complete 5 Rent 2 Rent deals for a net income of £6,000/month!

Melissa, Luton

Fritzie came to England in search of a better quality of life. She was looking to earn more money as a way to better support herself & her family back home. To date, Fritzie has completed 3 deals including £8,000 from a property she didn’t even see in person!

Fritzie, Hampshire

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Watch Emma’s journey… Emma worked a 9-5 job for the council before deciding to take the plunge and run her own digital marketing business. The problem was Emma felt like she had just created another job for herself. Since joining Reena, Emma has been able to leverage her time to complete an average of 3 deals/month and now has not only financial freedom but most importantly freedom of time and choice with her children.

Emma, South Wales

What Is Property Investment?

A broad term used to describe the concept of using either residential or commercial property for the sole intention of creating a profit. Property investment often requires capital to start a project with the aim being able to return a greater amount than that invested, which can take the form of monthly cashflow or ad hoc lump sum earnings. There are 2 main property investment approaches, traditional and creative. 

Who Is Property Investment For?

Property investment is a useful wealth creation strategy for anyone looking to for an additional income stream, provided they have done their due diligence into the time, effort and risk involved. This additional income might be used to either supplement or replace an employed income, perhaps due to a self than satisfactory quality of life. Most of our students are seeking greater freedom in terms of finance, time and choice. With the right education and action, building a property portfolio can fulfil all of those aspirations.

Property Investment Strategies

Rent 2 Rent

A great strategy for anyone looking to start building their portfolio and create a new monthly income stream by managing HMO’s (houses in multiple occupation).

Serviced Accommodation

Premium short-let agreements for investors seeking higher returns by capitalising on the surge in popularity of websites such as AirBnB and

Lease Option

A highly versatile strategy and means to control a property with similar benefits to buying, without requiring huge upfront capital to get involved. 

Deal Packaging

If you don’t want the hassle of managing your own property portfolio, this is a way to monetise the sale of deals to other investors without taking on any risk.

My Story

Although now one of the UK’s most prolific female creative property investors, Reena only moved to London after very humble beginnings, born in Tanzania, East Africa and brought up in New Delhi, India.

Reena has since bought, sold and structured over 900 deals with a multi-million-pound portfolio of her own.

After becoming increasingly disillusioned with the average way of life – Go to school, get good grades, get a good job and work hard to save money, Reena decided to pursue a new venture to better satisfy her desires.

The aim was to set herself free from the corporate world and finally live life on her terms, by building a portfolio that would take care of her and her young family… forever!

Since then, Reena has gone on to educate the next generation of wannabe property investors, who were similarly looking for an escape from being overworked, underpaid and undervalued.

When Reena started in property, it was undeniably a man’s world… Now Reena is at the forefront of opening new doors for women in property, recently devoting herself entirely to empowering women to build a better future by helping unlock their true potential.


“Reena is direct with no fluff! Her expertise is unquestionable. She is passionate about creating success for others. So glad I took the leap of faith to invest in my future!” Jacqueline

“Reena is very generous with her wealth creation secrets and very informative. Helping her ‘family’ create wealth for themselves is her passion. I will definitly recommend her training to my family and friends!” Ruth

“Reena is just excellent & passionate about what she does. She’s down to earth and keeps it real. Full of knowledge, wisdom and a wealth of practical experience in various property strategies. I will definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of taking their finances to the next level! ” Bayo